We were approached by V4 Wood Flooring as they wanted to modernise their website and make it easier to update.

Their website had seen a drop in search engine rankings so we performed an SEO audit to see what could be improved. We found a number of issues with duplicate content, missing or duplicate h1 tags, usability problems, with the WordPress set up and site structure.

Based on how their WordPress theme was built it was decided that the most cost-effective way forwards was to rebuild the website. Their website was built using WordPress so we were tasked with building a new theme that fixed the issues that were outlined in the SEO Audit.

During the re-development of their flooring website, we improved the product management aspect of the website so it was easier to maintain. This involved adding in custom meta boxes to the WordPress product area so data could be stored and shown using a custom page template.

Our team worked closely with V4 Wood Flooring to restructure the website and improve the quality of their content, which has improved their position in the search results. We set up redirects for pages that had moved or were deleted as part of the redevelopment. This was necessary to ensure a smooth transition from the old website to the new to maintain SEO rankings.

When the new website was launched the site’s organic SEO traffic increased by 85% in the first 3 months.